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Major and Minor Collisions

One of the most common reasons an automobile would need auto body repair is due to a collision. And not just a collision due to multiple vehicles colliding– you may hit a deer, back into a mailbox, or other accidental collisions. Some may just cause a small dent, while others cause your vehicle to be unusable.

Major collisions can cause extensive damage to entire panels, shatter the windshield and windows, cause engine failure, or otherwise damage the working components of the vehicle, rendering it inoperable.

However, minor collisions can be just as serious– even if the damage isn’t visible to you. If you’ve been in a minor fender bender, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle inspected to ensure there isn’t any damage done that could weaken the integrity of your vehicle, even if it’s just minor damage to your bumper. You want to be safe!

Most people assume that automobile accidents are the only reason that a vehicle would need auto body repair but, unfortunately, there are many ways that disaster can strike, and damage can be done to your vehicle.

Weather-related Damage

While San Antonio is a fairly temperate climate, you may have a vehicle that has been used in climates that are not – especially if you’ve recently moved to the area. One fairly common issue is corrosion due to road salts used to melt ice and snow in northern climates during the winter. In the same regard, salt water or sea spray can wear down the finish and eventually cause corrosion and damage.

Hail is another common cause of auto body damage. The larger the hail, the worse the damage. Sometimes windshields and windows are completely shattered as a result of heavy hail.

During severe storms, a tree could land on your vehicle crushing the body. Sometimes high winds pick up debris that in turn dent your car. Whatever the damage, we can help.

We’re Here for You

At Blue Ribbon Auto Collision, we know that you may be frustrated with having to deal with damage to your vehicle. After all, it’s probably the last thing you want to worry about right now! There is never a good time for your vehicle to be in need of auto body repair work, but it seems that accidents or damage occur at the worst possible times.

We aim to make the auto body repair process easier for our customers here in the San Antonio, Texas area. In fact, we are committed to proving that we’re the “best choice” in the auto collision repair industry. Our reputation depends on it.

Repair Process

The auto body repair process depends upon the type of damage done to the vehicle. Small scratches can be buffed out and covered with new paint, while dents may need to be pulled out with a mallet, shrinking hammer, or dent puller tool. Some damage requires forming dollies. You can leave the technical details to us, and we will keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Our Services

Blue Ribbon Auto Collision provides auto body repair no matter what type of collision you’ve been involved in – big or small. We repair anything from a simple small scratch to your vehicle’s paint job to major collision damage. Here is a list of some of the services that we offer:

  • Automotive Collision Repair
  • Automotive Refinishing (Painting)
  • Bumper Repair (Plastic Repair)
  • Sheet Metal Repair
  • Aluminum Repair
  • Full-Frame Analysis and Repair
  • Unibody Frame Repair
  • Inner Structural Repair
  • Mechanical and Suspension Repair
  • Airbag System Replacement
  • Automotive Air Conditioning Repair
  • Hail Damage Repair

Why Choose San Antonio’s Blue Ribbon Auto Collision Center?

There may be other auto collision centers in the San Antonio area, but we’re confident that you won’t find another auto collision center that cares for its customers like we do. In fact, we will work with your insurance to help provide you a rental car so that you experience minimal inconvenience. If your insurance company’s policy doesn’t cover rental cars, we are more than happy to provide transportation to your next destination. This is just one of the ways that we provide our customers with a superior experience.

Convenient Free Estimates

We provide free estimates on all of our work and even have an online option to submit photos, so we can give you an estimate quickly. It’s always best for us to see the vehicle in person, but we understand that’s not always convenient. We will do our best to work with you and provide the estimate.

Skilled Technicians

The Blue Ribbon Auto Collision Center is a state-of-the-art facility with precision equipment and computerized paint mixing systems. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, and it’s important that the repair work we complete ensures that your vehicle is structurally sound and within manufacturer standards and specifications. Our technicians are skilled and experienced and will ensure that your vehicle is safe for you and your family.

Lifetime Warranty

We trust our technicians so much that we have a lifetime warranty. Should anything happen to your repair, we stand behind our quality work and will take care of it for you.

Our Reputation for Excellence

If you want to see what our customers have to say about us, simply take a look at the many five-star reviews on Google. The results speak for themselves!

If you need auto body repair in the San Antonio area, we’d be happy to help you! You can either call us at 1-210-637-7665 or submit an online Request for an Estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.