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Chances are if you’re reading this article, your vehicle needs automotive body repair. If that’s the case, we’re sorry to hear it! It’s never an ideal time to deal with unexpected damage to your vehicle. We know that you are dealing with more than just vehicle damage, so we will do our best to alleviate your stress regarding the damage and the repair needed for your vehicle.

There are various types of damage that could require an automotive body shop to repair the damage. The first step is to take your vehicle in for an inspection and the experts will tell you what needs to be repaired and if it can, in fact, be repaired. Totaling the vehicle only occurs if the cost to fix the damage exceeds the cost of the vehicle.

Most of the time, damage to a vehicle can be repaired, and totaling the vehicle isn’t necessary. There are some common repairs that our skilled technicians perform at Blue Ribbon Auto Collision in San Antonio, Texas. However, an auto body shop is different from an auto repair shop, and this difference is key.

Body Shop vs Repair Shop

So, what’s the difference between an automotive body shop and repair shop? Basically, an auto body shop typically repairs the frame and structure of the vehicle while an auto repair shop fixes the moving parts of a vehicle.

Here are some examples of services that an auto body shop can perform:

  • Automotive collision repair (dents and panel damage)
  • Automotive refinishing (painting)
  • Bumper repair (plastic repair)
  • Sheet metal repair
  • Aluminum repair
  • Full-Frame analysis and repair
  • Unibody frame repair
  • Inner structural repair
  • Hail damage repair
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Auto glass replacement

While this is a basic list of services, many auto body shops, including us, offer additional services to repair other components. We can discuss that with you when you receive an estimate.

Here are some examples of services that an auto repair shop can perform:

  • Vehicle maintenance (oil changes, etc.)
  • Replace parts due to wear and tear issues
  • Replace brakes
  • Engine repairs
  • Air-conditioning services
  • Tire repair and replacement
  • Battery charging, replacement, and starting repair
  • Radiator service

If it involves a moving part integral to the operation of the vehicle, or routine maintenance, it’s something that an auto repair shop would handle.

Examples of Automotive Body Shop Repairs

At Blue Ribbon Auto Collision, we have many happy customers whose vehicles we have repaired or replaced body parts on.

One customer had a vehicle where the hood, bumper, and fender did not align, even though it had never been in an accident. We could identify the problem and repair the vehicle beyond the customer’s expectations.

Many customers come to us with minor damage to their bumpers as a result of being hit in a parking lot. We can expertly match the paint, fix any scratches, and make it look like new again.

When vehicles are t-boned or otherwise involved in a major collision, this can require extensive bodywork to be done. After we’ve completed the automotive collision repair, numerous customers have commented that they would never even be able to tell that any damage had ever been done. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and make sure the job is done beyond expectations.

How Long Does a Repair Take?

The amount of time that it takes to perform automotive body or collision repairs depends upon the extent of the damage. Insurance authorization for repair can sometimes hit a snag, but we have great relationships with these companies and will work through these problems for you if they arise. The repair may take longer if additional damage is found during the disassembly process or if we are waiting on the necessary parts to arrive. We will provide you with a time estimate once we’ve seen the vehicle, and we will do our best to keep you updated throughout the entire process.

You may be concerned that you will be without a vehicle. We are happy to work with your insurance company to secure a rental car so that you experience minimal inconvenience. If your insurance company’s policy doesn’t cover rental cars, we can provide transportation to your next destination. We’ve got your back!

What If There’s a Problem After the Repair?

You will be happy to hear that we offer a lifetime warranty on our work, so you can rest easy knowing that it will be taken care of should something happen to our repair work. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and we trust them so much that we offer this lifetime warranty. It’s unlikely you’ll even have any problems after the repair, but we understand that the unexpected happens sometimes.

What Should I Do Next?

If, after reading the information above, you may have determined that your vehicle needs automotive body repair at an automotive body shop, give us a call. We at Blue Ribbon Auto Collision in San Antonio, Texas believe we are the best in the business and hope you choose us!

The first step is to contact us to set up a free inspection to receive an estimate. We even have an online option to submit photos, so we can give you an estimate quickly. It’s always best for us to see the vehicle in person, but we understand that it may not be possible sometimes. We will do our best to work with you and provide the estimate and repairs you need to get back on the road in no time.